Monday, February 9, 2015

Canadian Copyright Law + U.S. Copyright Law: A Comparison

Learning about Canadian and U.S. copyright law from either side of the border can be difficult. How do the Canadian and U.S. copyright laws compare? Do you apply Canadian or U.S. copyright law when reproducing an article by a U.S. author in Canada? Or what if you are posting the article in a website from your office in Canada? My new book, Canadian Copyright Law, 4th edition, and its accompanying Canadian Copyright Law website can help you answer these questions. Chapter 15, An Overview of American Copyright Law, can be especially helpful. I've also recently developed an eTutorial on U.S. Copyright Law for Canadians - the essentials Canadians need to know. There's so much confusion between the laws of the two countries. Does fair use only apply in U.S.? How does the Canadian fair dealing provision apply in both countries - or does it? Lots of interesting and confusing concepts and practical applications to learn.